About us

ASATECH provides custom packaging solutions and we specialize in designing and manufacturing VCI covers and bags for a wide range of industries. Our products are produced with great attention to detail and we work hard to ensure great and consistent quality of our product line.

 ASATECH is an owner managed B2B company established in 2018. Our headquarter is in Denmark and we produce tailor-made cover solutions in Denmark and Poland. ASATECH is a unique and innovative company with a sustainable approach to the production.

At ASATECH our aim is to produce customized covers that can protect your components/products during transportation and storage. We want to ensure that products are delivered in great condition. Our products are officially tested and approved to meet nowadays’ industrial standards.

Our product line is developed using high quality materials and the advanced design ensures durability and high performance. We strive to be unique within our field and we work hard to come up with new and efficient solutions for our customers through strong focus and lasting cooperation.


We want to improve our customers packaging through efficient and ground-breaking solutions


We aim to be the best and preferred supplier of customizable assembly and packaging solutions for a wide range of industries.


We want to ensure that our customers achieve cost savings through greater efficiency in the value chain by using ASATECH solutions.