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For long term- or high value components we offer a special aluminum barrier foil called DupaSafe which is more density tight than ordinary PE.



In correlation with electrical- / expensive components with high demands for protections, we offer another high product solution called DupaSafe.

The special thing about DupaSafe is that the method and material has been used the last +50 years by e.g. the German military. The material itself is easy to mount.

Product Details:

Material: Cotton fabric+ Aluminum foil+ HDPE film
Thickness: Approx. 165 microns
Width: 1.5 m
Resistance: -50°C to + 80°C
Color: Alu-favet
Features: UV-Resistant

Super strong

Middle layer wrap is 99,9 % density tight

Approximately 0,02 grams of water / m2 a day can penetrate through the foil

Excellent shrinkage values

Shrink Foil (LDPE)

We offer high quality shrink LDPE foil in various sizes.

The shrink foil can be used for both large- and small components which need to be stored outside.

It will protect your components against rain, wind and UV-radiation in a sealed environment.

Product details:

Material: LDPE
Width: 3-12 meters
Length: 100-200 meters / roll
Color: White
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