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Covers for the wind, oil and energy industry

ASATECH is proud to offer covers that can be used for the wind, oil and energy industry. The covers are made in many different sizes shrink foil with premium quality that can protect high-end products.

ASATECH covers is an ‘one cover solution’ which ensures your equipment long-time storage.


ASATECH VCI cover is an advanced customized fitted cover for storage and transportation purposes. This high-end cover ensures the best protection for your items.

ASATECH Covers has several attributes like:

  • Long time stored outside for up to 3 years, which ensures optimal utilization of your outdoor storage
  • Keeps the relatively air moisture low – which prevents possible corrosion process from starting
  • Has a built-in Volatile Corrosion Inhibiter (VCI) function
  • High-skilled welding technology ensures a completely sealed cover, which protect your items against external damages such as wind, rain, UV, etc.
  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly material which can be 100 % recycled
  • High quality non-woven layer works as a soft cushion, helps absorb moisture, protect the surface of the components
  • Simple and safe to mount by use of ex. zippers and improves the appearance of your packaging
  • The foil is officially tested by BFSV in Germany

Based on your 3D drawings we customize a unique solution / cover for you, so it will fit perfectly on your product(s).

Our approach is to work closely together with our customer in every stage and ensure the best packaging solution and success. We wish to provide a strong, focused collaboration with quick response to fulfill your requests.

ASATECH 09.09.19
ASATECH 09.09.19

Shrink Foil (LDPE)

We offer high quality shrink LDPE foil in various sizes.

The shrink foil can be used for both large- and small components which need to be stored outside.

It will protect your components against rain, wind and UV-radiation in a sealed environment.

Product details:

Material: LDPE
Width: 3-12 meters
Length: 100-200 meters / roll
Color: White


The VCI film series is a packaging material, that is made by PE- and VCI resin, which can be used for corrosion protection purposes in various industries, including military, wind, automobile, machinery, food, pharmaceutical industry during the processing, storage or transportation.

  • Our environmentally friendly VCI-film is well-suited to protect products against corrosion
  • Protect items up to 2 years against corrosion. The item will not require further cleaning, achieving a cost-effective target
  • The film is officially tested by BFSV in Germany

Product details:

Thickness: 50-180 micron
Width:  Up to 12 meters
2019.06.27 VCI Film
2019.06.27 VCI Film
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