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Accessories for transportation

When your equipment is ready for transport either by sea-, road or air, ASATECH offers you various options of accessories for transportation. The ASATECH products will ensure that your equipment will be safely transported.

Lashing straps

Lashing straps are made in polyester with different breaking strengths. In addition to this we also offer lashing straps with a hook.

The lashing straps is easy- and safe to use and will safely secure the cargo during transportation.

We offer a cost effective and adaptable solution that fits the unique task or your specific product.


  • Easy to use – hand ratchet for reliable securing
  • Durable water-resistant polyester that wont tear or stretch
Produkter Surring 04 Surringsnet 3 500×327
Produkter Surring 04 Surringsnet 3 500×327
17.02.23 R Lashing WEB 52
Produkter Surring 04 Surringsbaand 2 500×327 (1)

 Buckles, hooks and tools

This product category consists all what is used for lashing related various tasks.

Our tools increase the lifespan of ex. the straps and simplify the installation.

Messestand G&H GmbH Rothschenk
Messestand G&H GmbH Rothschenk
Produkter Surring 05 Tilbehoer 3 500×327
Produkter Surring 05 Tilbehoer 2 500×327
Produkter Surring 05 Tilbehoer 1 500×327

Anti-slip Mats

Anti-slip mats are used to create friction between the cargo during the transportation. Using the anti-slip mats can effectively reduce the amount required lashing by 60%.

 Product Details:

Material: Colored rubber granulates
Dimension: 150 x 13600 x 3 mm

150 x 13600 x 5 mm

150 x 13600 x 8 mm

Temperature resistance: -40°C to 110° C

Airbags – Dunnage Bags

Airbags made in Germany are produced with PE inner side. The outside is protected by a strong PP-wrap.

The airbags can be used for protecting cargo during transportation and have a fast inflation process which can save loading time- and reduce transport costs.

The airbag is good for protecting products that are placed in ex. containers.

Product detail:

Inner bag material: PE
Outer bag material: PP
Work pressure: 0.2-0.276

For more information, please contact us.

2019.06.17 PP Dunnage Bag Grå
2019.06.17 PP Dunnage Bag Grå
Messestand G&H GmbH Rothschenk
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