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Packaging Accessories

ASATECH also provide packaging accessories for all types of packaging.

Shrink guns

We offer different categories of shrink guns.

  • Different gas flames with different lengths and widths
  • Easy to assemble before usage
  • Reduced sound – low decibel level
  • Low weight – optimal ergonomi
  • Produced in EU with high quality

For more information, please contact us.

DS SHFast998 Armclip 1
DS SHFast998 Armclip 1
Express Burst 4065 500×327
Express Hornet 1031 500×327
Express Hornet 1091 500×327
Express Hornet 1912 500×327 (1)
Express Hornet 10701 500×327
2019.06.17 Ekspress Tripod Distance Block Med Tekst
DS 008 Installation Accessories Knives

 Magnets with handle

For easier mounting of shrink foil etc., it can be beneficial to use our magnets with a handle to hold the packaging material during the shrinking process on ex. big components instead of using tape. These magnets with a handle can work as a “extra hand” in different cases.

ASATECH  Shrink tape

ASATECH tape is a heat shrinkable tape that does not leave any glue on metal or gel-coated surfaces. The tape has high breakable strength which is applicable for reinforcement of joints and patch holes, as well as for mounting ex. zippers or valves.

Product Details:

Material: LDPE
Thickness: 0.09 mm
Dimension: 48 mm x 33 meters

96 mm x 33 meters

Temperature resistance: -7°C to +65°C
Color: White
Features: UV-Resistant up to 6 months

2019.06.19 ASATECH Tape Smal
2019.06.19 ASATECH Tape Smal
2019.06.19 3M All Weather Climate Tape Smal
2019.06.19 Dr. Shrink Tape Smal
Rubber Block 2
Rubber Block 2

Rubber block

Rubber block is made from multilayers of rubber sheets, the rubber block is with high durability, it can be applied in all kinds of machinery, electronic appliance, stationery and plastic molds etc.

The high-density rubber block offers you the perfect sense of precise protection, absorb sound, removes dents and straightens your items. The handle on the side make it easy to carry and convenient to use.

Can be a good alternative to wood blocks.

Product Details:

Material: Natural Rubber
Dimension: 500 x 500 x 50 mm

500 x 500 x 60 mm

600 x 600 x 50 mm

600 x 600 x 60 mm

Customized size

Temperature Resistance: -20°C to +220°C
Color: Black
Features: High temperature resistance


Corrosion resistant

Aging resistant

Excellent Shock absorption effect

Safe and environmentally friendly

Foil Shelf

ASATECH offers the foil shelf to hold the foil rolls used for packaging. The shelf will ensure better ergonomic and make it easier to handle and move around the foil rolls while wrapping your items.

2019.06.19 Mobile roll dispenser
DS-075 montert hempe for strammebånd smal

Lashing Composite

The lashing composite can be used for strapping your items.

Product Details:

Material: PES
Dimension: Length: 300 meter / rolls

Diameter: 200 mm

Width: 19 or 32 mm

Traction: 16000 DaN +/- 10%


Color: White
Packing: 2 rolls / box

Lashing buckles

Lashing buckles are used for fasten of the lashing composite.

Product Details:

Material: Phosphate steel
Dimension: 3,8 mm +/- 0,05 mm
Packing: 1000 pcs / box
DS-075 Hempe strammebånd
19.06.19 Lynlås døre

ASATECH Zipper door

The ASATECH zipper door is used for either entrances or ventilation to the wrapped item – without cutting in or removing the shrink wrap.

The zipper door is with reinforcement on the backside to ensure a high durability.

Product Details:

Material: LDPE
Thickness: 0,22 mm +/- 0,01 mm
Dimension: 93 cm high x 73 cm wide
Color: White
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