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Welcome to ASATECH.

ASATECH is a custom packaging solution provider that specialized in designing and manufacturing various customized VCI cover & bags for a wide range of industries.

Our professional packaging solutions, attention to details and consistent quality in our products line has resulted in our conpany’s continuous growth.

We do our best to ensure our customers to achieve cost savings and greater efficiency in the value chain by using our solutions.

Our business profile

ASATECH is an owner-managed B2B company, established in 2018. Our headquarter is located in Denmark and the production plants in China, Poland and Kosovo. We focus on B2B customers and end consumers in both Europe and Asia.

ASATECH is a production and business company. We are innovative, unique for the industry and sustainable.

We aim to protect your components/products the best way with our customized cover. Our packaging solution creates a superb protection against the elements, ensure the high-valuable machinery and assets can be delivered to the clients in the same condition as leaving the manufactures.

Our products are officially tested and approved to meet nowadays’ industrial standards.

It is important for us to have security and orderliness as a cornerstone in the cooperation. Our product line is developed using the best quality material and advanced design for extra durability and best performance which leads to “Plug and Play”, securing „Cost Out“.

We strive to be unique in our field. We work hard to think out of the box for our customers – with a strong focus on long lasting cooperation.

We will continuously expand our network, which makes us the preferred supplier in the industry.

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We contributes to improve packaging solutions for customers


We aim to be the preferred supplier of customized assembly and packaging solutions for the wind industry.


We do our best to ensure our customers achieve cost savings and greater efficiency in the value chain by using our solutions.


One of ASATECH’s goals is to protect the nature and environment and offer our customers the opportunity to become CO2 neutral on their packaging/products.

When you order any ASATECH product, you will have the opportunity to buy a tree for each product/packaging you order, at the price of DKK 14 / Pcs.

We wish to cooperate with our customer, to ensure our:

  • Clean water
  • Support animals protection
  • Nature & Environment
  • Outdoor Activities

This is done with cooperation with ”GROWING TREES NETWORK” as project “Nyt Folkeskov”, started by Lars Heiselberg, Vang Jensen and Kim Nielsen in 2012. Their goal is to plant 1.000.000 trees to support and maintain our environment & nature, now and for the future.

“After construction, the “National Forest Act” imposes a peace forest duty, which will secure the forest in the future according to the “Forest Law”. The “Commune & Nature Agency” will be leading the planning and construction of the forest and will have the responsibility for its future operations.

Should the area of ”Folkeskov” be cleared for the infrastructure of Denmark, the Commune and state are obliged to plant a forest twice the size of “Folkeskov” elsewhere as compensation. 

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